Intrusion Detection & Prevention System

BotShield´s free version already is a mighty tool to adequate protect smaller servers against a broad spectrum of threats.

To gain unlimited access to all features you will need to purchase a users licence at the cost of
79,95 € / 79,95 $ per year (incl. sale taxes)

After purchasing your licence, we will immediately send you one or more licence keys via e-mail, which allows you to unlock all of Botshield´s tools right within the software - in the most quick and comfortable way


Purchasing a users licence leads to immediate unlimited protection of your Windows server.
Reinstalling the software or restarting your Server is NOT required at any point.


All ordering and payment transactions are processed over secured connection by our distribution partner MyCommerce ShareIT.


We accept payment via Paypal, credit card or bank-transfer.
Naturally we will also send your bill with all sales taxes as a pdf via mail.





Of course you'll get an VAT invoice via e-mail in the PDF Format.


The license conditions apply.